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Rodney Hall American flute maker, creator of White Hawk Flutes.  Master craftsman of Native American style flutes, handcrafted custom made wooden flutes, designed to bring peace and tranquility.


 Created from the hills of Eastern Kentucky.  White Hawk Flutes are hand crafted tuned with a chromatic tuner so you can play with other instruments.  Each one is one of a kind having it's own voicing.

You may customize your own flute or choose one from our wide selections available in our gallery. Different varieties of woods when available include Cherry, Walnut, Eastern or Western Cedar, Maple, Oak, Butternut, Mimosa, Boxelder, Sassafras, Poplar and Buckeye. Flutes are available in key's G, F, F#, A, D, E, A, B, C.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for special orders.





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